Kirsten's links

You can find a very large number of sites about Russian Blues. I have chosen to link to the sites I like - perhaps only because they have pictures of some nice Russian Blues. 
You will also find links to the sites of some of our friends, even though they are not about Russian Blues.

Ofelia is controlling the room through the mirror

Dorthe's site

Dorthe's site is in English and tells about our own cats. It also includes the greatest (says Dorthe) collection of Russian Blue links.

Dorthe's site on the history of the Russian Blue in Denmark

This site is in Danish, but has many photos in "Anegalleriet" (Gallery of family portraits).

Pan du Bois
Kosmoskattens Cassandra


Elisabeth Larsson's fine site about Russian Blues and especially about her own beautiful cats.
In Swedish or English.
Very good breed description and extremely good photos.


Sari Kulha, the breeder of Lilit, has her own site as well.
It is in Finnish and English, and I'm sure you will enjoy the very nice photos. They are almost bound to be good with such beautiful models.

Zarin Kamill

Comprehensive site covering several American cat organizations.


Beautiful Russian Blue site about the Graymalkin Russian Blues, but also on keeping cats including instructions on how to construct a scratching post and a kittening box yourself.
The site is in Swedish.


Polish site with lots of wonderful photos of Ewa's Russian Blue Kysa. 
Ewa's photos are much more
 than ordinary cat photos
 - take a look yourself!
If you don't read Polish it is not that easy to find the photos;
 here is the direct link.

To Blu's site

Thrilling pictures of the Russian Blue Blu made by the owner Linda Peters.


is a Swedish club for all breeds, but especially for Russian Blue breeders.
In Swedish - nice photos.


Annett Lyng's site about 
her Persians and Exotics.

Bonna's Persians and Exotics


Annette Andersen and Niels Ernst's site about their British Shorthair cats and about their non-pedigree cats.

Ravnox Brites

Jydsk Racekatte Klub

We are members of Jydsk Racekatte Klub or JYRAK as the club is often called.
The site of the club gives information about kittens for sale, shows and many other things.
In Danish.

Russian Blue Klubben Sverige

Russian Blue Klubben Sverige

The Swedish Russian Blue club is one of the greatest - and best, and the site of the club in Swedish and English is good as well. 
You'll find a very good breed description.

Cat links of general interest


Very big collection of links. You can find links to almost everything related to cats.


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