Pet names

One matter is the name written on the birth certificate, the pedigree when it comes to cats, another matter is all the pet names. And of course all our cats have got different pet names through the years, even though we also use their real names. 


Bitsjka's real name was Bitsjkova, but we always abbreviated this to Bitsjka. Also Bitsjka was often abbreviated to Bitser and when we talked about her, Bitseren ("The Bitser"). But Bitsjka also had other names. 
Bitsjka was very capable to teach us, especially Kirsten. If we didn't understand at once what she wanted from us, she used more crude methods such as playing a torpedo on our stomachs. Because of this she was sometimes called Bestemmova Kommandanskaja (bestemme = determine, kommandant = commandant) - after all she was a Russian !
She was also called Bitsjkalille (lille = little). We were playing with this name changing the vowels, Bitsjkalille became Butsjkulullu, and this name was abbreviated to Lullu. 
When Bitsjka and Kirsten were lying heart to heart looking deep into the eyes Bitsjka was called Lille Hjerte (Little Heart).


Ofelia had several pet names derived from her name. Most used was Feli, but she was also called Feline and Felimus and Offeline or just Offe. 
Dorthe called her Futte and Pjoske as well, these names meaning nothing in particular.


Motto of Djingiz

Joe Dalton: First of all we must get used to the manners and customs here...and to the language!
Averell Dalton: Yes, just so...we must learn how to say: When are we going to eat?!

The fact that Djingiz is extremely interested in food has given him a few names. He licks his feeding bowl to such an extent that he is almost eating the bowl as well. This has given him the name Averell Hesseldal referring to the comic book "Tortillas pour les Daltons" by Morris and Goscinny. 
Another name referring to his great appetite is Hoover Hesseldal.
We know several other cats who have been called Captain this-or-that, so Djingiz had to be called Captain Paunch.
Because of his size he is called Big D like a submarine in a favourite film of ours, The hunt for Red October, and like a well-known golfplayer, Darren Clarke.
Now when he is an older cat he is also called "The fat controller" - like Andy Dalziel in the Dalziel & Pascoe detective novels . When Bitsjka and Ofelia were alive Djingiz wasn't allowed to control anything, but Lilit and Sarantoya adores him, so now he is in command. And in fact he doesn't feel like controlling so much any more, so usually we humans also let him have his way. 
After all the pet name we use most is Lillegut (Little Lad). He is smaller than we are !


Lilit is still on of our young cats, and she hasn't got so many pet names. Anyway she has got some, and they all originate from the fact that she was both the youngest and the smallest of our cats: Lilletos (Little Lass) and Lillemus (Little Mouse) are some of them. Now she isn't the youngest any more, but we still use her petnames from time to time.
However, she got her very first pet name shortly after she moved in with us. Soon Djingiz became her big idol, and she followed him wherever he was. So we called her Satellilit.
But we do like her real name very much, and as usual she is called just that.


The name Sarantoya seems to be difficult for quite a few. Some of our friends think it sounds like scientology. We are NOT pleased, and they ought to have their ears cleaned! But we admit the name is rather long, and we often shorten it and call her Toya or Toysen.
Because she has such a powerful voice which she uses very often, we some times call her Skaerebraenderen (The Cutting Torch).

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