Our breederīs name


Rasmus J. Hesseldal


In fact our breeder's name is only Kirsten's, because she was the one who wanted to have kittens. It is a family name though she isn't named Hesseldal herself, but her mother has the name. 
The first Hesseldal was Kirsten's great-grandfather. His original name was Rasmus Joergensen, but in the little parish where he lived were two Rasmus Joergensens. Because of this he took the name Hesseldal after one of the farms he owned.
He was a very dynamic person, a farmer, but most of all a tradesman. He went broke at least once, but he came back to business again. He was the first to import the Belgian horses to Denmark, and he had several paintings of the big, heavy stallions painted.

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