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Christmas 2000 - April 2001

The diary of the kittens


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The pedigree 
of the kittens

These months everything - almost - turned on our kittens. Lilit had her two kittens, both females, on Christmas Eve 2000. Once again Lilit insisted on company while the kittens were very young, but otherwise she obviously was a more experienced mother. Also Ofelia and Djingiz felt more easy about the kittens than they did the first time Lilit had kittens. 

The owners of Elvis, the father of the kittens, had made a reservation for one of them. A young lady had made a reservation for the second one, but when she visited the 3 weeks old kittens she realized that they didn't look like British Shorthairs. We yielded to the temptation to let the second kitten from Lilit's last litter stay with us. And these kittens will be the last descendants of Lilit. After two deliveries where she had to have help from the vet we think she has done enough. 
The kittens were named Salonqa and Sarantoya; Mongolian names meaning Rainbow and Moonbeam. Sarantoya is the one that stayed with us. 

Salonqa and Sarantoya are two very lively little girls - much wilder than Zenit and Zoogin were. Dorthe says they have too many Bitsjka-genes. True enough Bitsjka is quite a few times in their pedigree - but many generations behind! Nevertheless the kittens take after Bitsjka when it comes to the level of activity. At the same time they are very affectionate kittens - especially Salonqa, that is when they have the time, and the socialization has succeded very well once again. 

When it comes to the look the kittens were rather different when they were babies. Salonqa had a lovely face and big, expressive eyes. She had a light coat with excellent texture, and she was a little more round than Sarantoya (no faults on Salonqa's appetite!) Sarantoya was slighter and her legs seemed longer. Her coat was darker and not as dense as Salonqa's, but also her coat was very soft. Both kittens have promising green eyes. 

The kittens have been completely healthy, they have been to the vet only to be checked and to get their shots. Apart from their tendency to vandalism it has been a litter without problems - but with many joys! And we have made no regrets that we decided not to sell the little wild Sarantoya.

February 27th 2001

Today we have news about other cats than our kittens, because the top cat list of our club Jydsk Racekatte Klub has been published, and Zenit is 3rd best kitten in 2000. As you can imagine we are very pleased. Together with the other top cats she is going to be awarded at a show on Palm Sunday. 

April12th 2001


April 8th we went to a show with Lilit and Sarantoya. Zenit was there as well, she was going to be rewarded as the 3rd best kitten in the club in 2000.
Both Lilit and Zenit got the certificate of their class, and Sarantoya got ex.1 in the kitten class. The most important to us however was that Sarantoya behaved very well. Perhaps she even enjoyed the show, because something happened all the time. She might be rather pleasure-seeking!

May 5th 2001

Now Sarantoya is aged 4 months, and it is a very charming age. She likes action all the time, and she follows us all over the house, cheerfully jumping beside us. That is if she is not playing somewhere else. All the adult cats play with her, but it doesn't happen that often when it comes to Ofelia and Djingiz. 
Sarantoya is very fond of the computer. She is sitting quite close to the monitor to see all that happens. It is a bit difficult to use the computer when you are able to see only 2/3 of the monitor, but it has to be that way at the moment. 

We find Sarantoya a very graceful and feminine kitten. When Lilit was the same age she was a sweet and funny kitten, but she was older when she became as graceful as Sarantoya is now. 

June 28th 2001

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We have been to another show with Lilit and Sarantoya. The results were not that wonderful, both were ex.2 after cats with thicker and lighter coat. Anyway the cat who beat Sarantoya was her sister Salsa (Salonqa), and she even won BIV youngster. 

It was a great joy to see Salsa again. She is extremely fine and still a very promising Russian Blue. In a way the two sisters looks more the same way now, that includes the type of the body and the very good eyecolour. But we think the expression will be different, and of course Salsa has the excellent coat texture...Sarantoya's is only good. 

But for the results it was a very good show. Lilit, Sarantoya and Salsa really showed themselves in their pens, and many visitor admired them. Sarantoya enjoyed it, both children and adults were entertaining her with the feather-toy placed on her pen for exactly this purpose. 

August 19th 2001

We have spent our holidays in a holiday cottage with all four cats. It was a nice, big cottage with two storeys, and the cats soon got used to be there. 
Good to see something new!  was the opinion of  the pleasure-seeking Sarantoya.

September 7th 2001

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Last Sunday Lilit and Sarantoya were at a show. Lilit got CAGCIB and Sarantoya ex.1. Both were almost Best of Variety, but lost - perhaps because they were not quite as relaxed at the judge's table as the cats who won BIV. Both got very fine judgements that hardly could be better. 
Zenit was also at the show, and she got ex.2. She too found it a bit boring to be quiet at the table. Later she accepted to be decorated by Laura Feline. 
See another photo of Zenit being decorated here.

October 23rd 2001

Djingiz has lost one of his canine teeth. It was broken, and the vet had to remove the rest of it. Naturally he was anaesthetized, and fortunately he was quite ok after the operation.

We took Sarantoya to a show a few days ago. Only three other Russian Blues were shown, and Sarantoya won ex.1 and BIV. At her next show she will be in the open class, and it will probably be more difficult. 

We had planned to show Lilit a couple of weeks ago in Sweden, but Lilit didn't like our plans and started scratching herself. We - and the vet - suspect it to be a hormonal conditioned allergy, and the treatment seems to help. Anyway, her coat is still very thin and not at all as it use to be.

November 21st 2001

Photo: Annett LyngChristensen

Salsa at the stage

We have been to another show with Sarantoya. She is now in the open class, and she had 4 competitors. 
One of these was her sister Salsa (Salonqa), and Salsa won the CAC, Sarantoya was ex.2. We had no reason to be discontented with this, Salsa has a better profile, and her coat quality is better as well. 12 Russian Blues were present, and Salsa won even BIV and was nominated, but at the Best in Show she got one vote only. Anyway we were more than happy about the results. 
As you can see from the photo Salsa didn't like to be at the stage, and she tried to escape to the shoulder of the assistant. 

Ofelia and Djingiz have been to the vet for the annual health check. Ofelia was found quite ok, but Djingiz has beginning liver problems, and he is now on a new diet. He isn't choosy, and he likes also his new food - and he doesn't at all seem to be ill.

December 11th 2001

Today it is Lilit's 4 years anniversary!
December 25th 2001 Yesterday we celebrated the first anniversary of Sarantoya - our little moonbeam. Though it is Christmas we managed to play with her even more than we use to; it was the best present we could give her. 
She and Lilit are very attached to each other now. They are almost always together, playing and fighting just for the fun of it. Also Ofelia is playing very much with Sarantoya, and it is a pleasure for both of them and for us who are watching.

Merry Christmas to all visitors on our site!