The diary of Ujiji and Uzuri

Sarantoya gave birth to her first litter November 10th and 11th 2002. The father is Tanisjka's Blue Castello - or Miró.

Once again we had only two kittens, a female and a male; we are getting used to small litters. We had a reservation for a female before the litter was born, but it lasted quite a while before we found the perfect home for the male. Fortunately we succeded. It was a new experience for us to sell
a 5 months old kitten, but it all went very well. 

As usual we wrote news about the kittens on our site. These notes are put together here in the diary of the kittens. 
November 16th 2002

See the pedigree of the kittens

November 10th Sarantoya gave birth to a fine little female kitten, and the next day to a male, but a Caesarian was necessary. Surprisingly there were only two kittens. 

There was no doubts about the gender, and the kittens have got names: The female is called Ujiji and the male Uzuri. It is Swahili names. Ujiji is the African town where the famous meeting between Livingstone and Stanley took place in 1871. Uzuri means beauty, and we hope the name will come true. 
We had already named the kittens when we found out, that the date of the meeting in Ujiji was precisely November 10th. Amusing, isn't it?

November 28th 2002

Ujiji and Uzuri are growing, and they have a lot of skills already. They are playing and fighting with each other and with their mother, and they are jumping out of the igloo when we come to be with them. Especially Uzuri likes very much to lie on his back getting his belly stroken.

December 3rd 2002

Uzuri - 2 weeks of age

Take a look at the first photos of the kittens

Lilit is convinced that she is the mother of the kittens as well as Sarantoya. It is our luck that Sarantoya wants her mother to be with her and the kittens - otherwise we would have had serious problems. Lilit seems to be a bit annoyed that she can't feed the kittens as well. She often lies down showing her belly to the kittens who show a little interest, but not for very long.

Ofelia and Djingiz are often looking at the babies, and Djingiz sometimes tries to play a little with them, but Sarantoya is the one who plays very wild games with the kittens.

December 25th 2002

Ujiji Chimay

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4 weeks old kittens

Now the kittens are 6 weeks old, and they are absolutely wonderful. For some weeks they have been all over the kitten room.
They are exactly as kittens this age should be, they are eating the kitten food they get, and they quickly learned to use the litter tray.

Sarantoya enjoys they are bigger now. She doesn't need to take so much care of them, and they are much better to play with. Also Lilit plays a lot with them, and even Djingiz plays with them from time to time. He also submits to sleeping with them - we suspect he actually enjoys it. Also Ofelia spends a lot of time in the kitten's room, but she is only watching them.

Ujiji's full name is Ujiji Chimay. She is going to be called Chimay in her new home.

February 4th 2003

Yesterday our vet checked the kittens, and they had their first inoculations. The vet found both kittens fine and healthy - and very sweet!

We hope we'll find some time soon to publish more photos of the kittens. We are too busy at the moment and prefer to spend our spare time with the cats, not with the computer. 

February 18th 2003

Uzuri Hesseldal 6 weeks of age

Photos of Ujiji Chimay and Uzuri 6 weeks of age

Uzuri and Ujiji Chimay are getting big and cheeky. Especially Uzuri when it comes to being cheeky!

We haven't before had kittens who are so much "a he" and "a she" as these two. From time to time Ujiji Chimay is exactly as cheeky as her brother, but other times she is very, very girlish: mild and gentle and soft. When she is running around she wears her tail curled over her back, almost like a Spitz dog. In a few days she will move to her new home with Camilla and Martin. 

Uzuri weighs almost 2 kg now. He has long legs as well as a long body and a long tail. And he is stubborn and still learns new bad habits from Djingiz. 

Finally you can find new photos og the kittens on the site. They were taken when the kittens were 6 weeks of age!

Februar 26th 2003

Ujiji Chimay has moved to her new home. It was very clear that she knew Camilla and Martin already, and she quickly both played and came to her new owners to be cuddled. When we left she was lying asleep in Martin's arms.
Uzuri misses to play with her, but on the whole he has taken the separation very fine. Sarantoya is content that Chimay has moved. She thinks she has finished the education of the kittens.

March 8th 2003

See photos of the kittens from the turn of the year

Lilit and Sarantoya have been to their annual health check and inoculations. Fortunately the vet had nothing to notice. Uzuri also came along to get his second inoculation. 

Uzuri still is very, very cheeky. Both the other cats and we humans are trying to teach him good manners. With the same negative result as Lilit's diet!

March 25th 2003

On Saturday Uzuri was shown together with Lilit and Sarantoya. He was ex.2 after one of his little halfbrothers. Also Chimay was shown, and she too was second after one of her halfsisters. 

Uzuri behaved very well and looked very cute in the show-pen, but until now none of the audience have wanted to buy him.

April 25th 2003

Uzuri Hesseldal

Uzuri in the morning 
the day when he moved to his new home in the evening

Also Uzuri has now moved to a new home. Quite a few people have shown interest in him, but until now we haven't been completely sure that it was the right place for him. We are now - he couldn't be better off anywhere else.

It was a great pleasure to leave such an affectionate, sweet and lively kitten as Uzuri to his new owner. As usual the adult cats don't care - even Djingiz who has been so much together with Uzuri, and Sarantoya seems to be quite content - but we humans miss the little, cheerful creature. After all we have been together with him for more than 5 months. 


May 3rd 2003

Ujiji Chimay Hesseldal

Many new photos of the kittens

The kittens' gallery is almost finished - rather belated.

Now you can see lots of photos of the kittens from the age of 8 weeks - you can see a sample to the left - to the age of 15 weeks when Ujiji Chimay moved to her new home.

Still some photos from Uzuri's last months with us are missing before the gallery is complete.

May 15th 2003

Our last photos of Uzuri before he moved

Finally the kitten's gallery is completed!