1st generation

Bitsjka herself got one litter only, but it was on not less than five kittens: three males and two females. The two females, Ofelia and Odile, both had litters.
You can see more about Ofelia on the pages "Our cats" and "Boasting" - and about Odile on "Boasting".

Orlando Hesseldal

Orlando Hesseldal

Orlando was the only one of the three males, we saw when he was an adult cat.
He was the first-born, and he was the biggest one. He was a lovely and very affectionate kitten who mixed freely with everybody. He loved to lie on his back on the legs of one of us.

When he grew up he was also a lovely big cat, slender and beautiful on high legs and with a long tail. Like his mother he had a good strong chin. Though he was a big cat he needed a little more masculine expression, perhaps he was soon neutered.

He was sold to a young couple. When they got children themselves, they had too little time for the cats, and we had to find Orlando a new home. Fortunately it wasn't difficult, and in his new home Orlando got all the love and attention he deserved.

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