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As her mother Ofelia got only one litter.
The kittens were named Djingiz, Misja, Kublai and Bourtai. Djingiz stayed with us, and you can read more about him on the pages "Our cats" and "Boasting".

Misja Benjamin Hesseldal

Already before Ofelia's litter was born, Bodil Poulsen had made a reservation for a male kitten. When the kittens were born Bodil soon came to see the kittens and to pick out her little male. So Misja was all the time Bodil's cat, not so much our cat.  Bodil came to visit Misja every week, and no doubt Misja and also the other cats soon knew Bodil, and ever since they have felt completely confident with Bodil. 

As a little kitten Misja was to some degree a loner. Of course he played with his brothers and sister, but he was also playing alone, and he didn't always sleep together with the others. It was almost as if he knew he was going to be the only cat with Bodil.
When Misja was 14 weeks, he moved to Bodil's place, and in Misja's whole time Bodil and he were inseparable. We wondered if Misja could fill the void after Benjamin, the cat Bodil had had before, but with his strong personality he did. Bodil believes that Misja was the most clever cat in the world, and he certainly was fantastic at teaching Bodil who soon was at his beck and call - almost, because he wasn't allowed to eat as much as he wanted to. Like his brother Djingiz he had a ravenous appetite. 

Misja died much to early at the age of only 6 years, to the great sorrow first of all of Bodil, but also of us. 

Misja in his window

A meditative Misja
in the window

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Kublai as a little kitten

Kublai 5 weeks old

Kublai Hesseldal

Kublai was the last born and the smallest one of the litter, but he possessed a lot of energy. During the first week we worried a little about him, because he didn't gain much weight - perhaps because his energy was used for something else than growing. Furthermore he opened his eyes when he was only 3 days! We hadn't need to worry, nothing was wrong with him.
Especially Kirsten found Kublai the most charming kitten you could imagine, and those two had a special relationship. He had scarcely began running around before he taught Kirsten how to throw his toy, so he could retrieve it, and he was untiring when playing. 

Kublai was sold to the Balle family who already had an older cat called Knurs. Kublai was very fond of Knurs, but Knurs never became so enthustiastic about Kublai. 

We visited the family and Kublai when he was about 2 years, and he had grown to be a big handsome cat. He had a nice big tomcat head with an extremely strong chin and good whiskerpads, his eyes were even green with a little blue, and his ears were a little too low set to the standard. He was still very charming, and undoubtedly he enjoyed his life with the Balle family, where he was allowed to go in the garden.

Kublai was an intelligent cat, and we think Misja has to share the dignity of being the most clever cat of the world with him. 

Kublai died in June 1999 after 10 good years.

Kublai in the garden

The adult Kublai
enjoys life in the garden

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Young Bourtai Hesseldal

Bourtai photographed 
by her first owner
Charlotte Sorup Holm

Bourtai Hesseldal

Bourtai was the only female in Ofelia's litter, but nevertheless she was the first-born.
She was a little feminine charmer. Very fond of her brothers and of her mother, some times wild and playful, at other times extremely affectionate. She was the kitten who was most cautious about strangers - except for Bodil who was no stranger to her. Bourtai and Djingiz were very much alike, both were very well-proportioned kittens, and both grew to be very well-proportioned adult Russian Blues.
She was sold to Charlotte and Jesper Sorup Holm who already had a young Maine Coon who Bourtai at once became friendly with. So friendly that before a year had gone they had a litter of "Russian Coon" kittens together. A "wise" vet had the opinion that Bourtai would not be able to have kittens, so she was not given the birth pill. The result was 4 lovely kittens: 2 black males and 2 tortie females. One of the males looked like a black Russian, the others looked neither like Russians nor like Maine Coons. 

After this Bourtai had 2 Russian Blue litters.

Bourtai was shown at several occasions, and she always behaved very well at the shows. She achieved the title International Champion. She was twice best of variety and once nominated for best in show. 

Bourtai 6 years

Bourtai, 6 years,
when she was 
in provisional care

When Bourtai was 6 years old she no longer felt happy in the home of Charlotte and Jesper who had got quite a few more cats. She might have got a depression under the birth of her last kittens, at least she had some heavy behaviour problems. 

Bourtai was temporary taken care of by some of our friends, Anne Merete and John. They had already 2 cats, one of these was Matrjoschka's Magnum, but Bourtai could have her own rooms. After she moved she had no behaviour problems, she was only a cat who needed lots of love and attention.
While she was in the provisional care Bodil lost her Misja, and Bourtai got a new permanent home with Bodil. Both were happy about this. Bourtai already knew Bodil who had paid her many visits when she was in Charlotte and Jesper's home, and who had helped taking care of her after she had moved. Bodil found consolation in Bourtai, and as time has passed Bourtai has developed the same close attachment to Bodil as Misja.

In August 2001 Bourtai died 12 years of age.

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Odile was sold to Leila Sorensen. Se was Leila's first Russian Blue, and together with Cosacks Nathalie she was the ancestress of Leila's breeding with the name Tzaren's. When Odile moved in with Leila there already were 3 cats: The non-pedigree cats Buller and Viola and the colourpoint Ludvig who Odile got friendly with. Odile got three litters. 

Tzaren's Blue Affrosine

Affrosine or Affro as she is called for short stayed with Leila. She was born in Odile's first litter of two females in 1998. The father was Tobias Argentum. She was a beautiful Russian Blue who looked much like her mother. 

Affro was shown quite a lot, and she didn't object to the shows. She became an International Champion and was best of variety quite a few times.

Affro had 4 litters, and from each litter at least one kitten had kittens themselves. 

Tzaren's Blue Affrosine

Affro photographed 
by Leila

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Tzaren's Blue Anastasia

The name of Affro's sister was Anastasia, but she was called Tassi. She moved to Leila's sister Hanne while Hanne was still living with her parents. When Hanne moved to her own home Tassi stayed with Leila's parents Alice and Kurt Sorensen. She was going to live with 2 other cats: the Siamese Twiggy and her own father Tobias Argentum who became the great hero and model of Tassi. 

Tassi got only one litter, the father was our Djingiz. We were more than pleased that Tassi was going to be our daughter-in-law, she was a very beautiful Russian Blue. Anyway it was rather difficult, and Tassi came to visit Djingiz three times. The first time Djingiz didn't know what it was all about. The second time Tassi didn't get pregnant, but the third time they succeeded, and it was worth all the difficulties. Tassi gave birth to 5 kittens - and what kittens! It is the most gorgeous Russian Blue litter we have ever seen. 

Also at shows Tassi did very well. She was a Grand International Champion, and her very best result was when she was best opposite sex. 

Tassi is visiting Djingiz

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Tzaren's Blue Janis

Janis was born in the last litter of Odile in 1994. Her father is Tzaren's Elias. Janis was bought by Ole Nielsen and Rie Sauer who had got Angel's Daphne of Kashmir, called Sissa at almost the same time. Sissa was Ole and Rie's first Russian Blue, and she and Janis were the basis of their Ziggy Blue breeding. 

We think that Janis looks a lot like her mother, and she has got much of the same charisma, especially when she is at home, but she is a little smaller than Odile. 

Janis got two litters, but because some of the kittens have got an organic heart disease Janis is not going to have more kittens. One of the kittens with the heart disease, Ziggy Blue's Dolly stayed together with her sister Darleen at home with Ole and Rie, and they are both very beautiful Russian Blues. 

Janis has been shown quite a fem times, and she is one certificate short of the Grand International Champion title. 

Tzaren's Blue Janis

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