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Tzaren's Captain Cut

Tzaren's Captain Cut

Tzaren's Captain Cut was born in Affro's first litter in 1990 sired by Egalia's Blue Night Silver Tripper.

The name was no coincidence. His birth took some time. He was born with the tail first, and Leila wanted to help by pulling a little; the result was that he lost most of the tail. It doesn't bother Cut, he waves his stumpy tail as other cats uses their long tail. Cut stayed where he was born with Leila. 

Cut is of medium size and most of the time of good proportions - there is nothing wrong with his appetite. The colour of his eyes is a little pale, but apart from this he is a very nice Russian Blue. Also his temperament is very good. 

Cut has never been shown because of his stumpy tail, but he sired 4 litters before he was neutered. 

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In 1991 Tassi got her only litter. Our Djingiz was the father, and it was his only litter too. The kittens got Leila's cattery name, but they were raised in Tassi's home with Alice and Kurt Sorensen. 
It was a superb litter of 2 males and 3 females. They were all fantastic beautiful kittens, and not only the Sorensen family and we were of that opinion. The litter was shown in the litter class, and it was the best litter of not less than 8 litters!
The two males and one of the females stayed with the Sorensen family. The second female kitten, Mau, was sold to a Danish family living in Germany where she was going to be "only" a family cat. The third female was sold to a family in St. Petersburg in Russia. 

Tzaren's Celesting
Tzaren's Celesting

Celesting was born together with his 4 brothers and sisters in the superb litter where Tassi was the mother and Djingiz the father in 1991. 

He stayed together with his brother with Alice and Kurt and also with his mother and with the Russian Blues Balte who was also bred by Leila and Tobias. 

The two brothers were a lot alike, but Celesting who was also called Gismer was the strongest built and the darkest. They were often shown at the same shows, and it was often discussed which one was the most beautiful. But there were no discussions that they were both beautiful. Celesting was the favourite of Kirsten and Leila. 

Celesting was shown at quite a few shows, especially after he was neutered. He became a Grand International Premier, and he was BIV and was nominated several times, Once he was BOX and once BIS. 

Celesting became the father of one litter before he was neutered. 

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Tzaren's Floridor

Floridor with scarf.
The photo was taken at a time when Floridor suffered from allergy, and the scarf prevented him from scratching.

Tzaren's Floridor

The history of Floridor is almost the same as the history of Celesting. He was the slightest and the lightest of the two brothers, even though he looks the darkest on these photos. At home he was called Sebastian. 

When it is about the look he was the favourite of Dorthe, Kurt and probably also most of the judges. When the two boys as un-neutered were at the same show Floridor always won, but later they took turns to win.
Floridor was not at as many shows as Celesting. He sometimes had to stay at home, because he had an allergic reaction to his annual inoculations. Anyway he was only one certificate short of the Grand International Premier title. He was BIV several times and also nominated many times. His best result was when he was BIS and Best of Best no 3. 

Floridor too sired a litter. The mother was Egalia's Blue Donna Rose, and the litter won the litter class - but not as many litters were shown at this show as when Floridor himself won the litter class together with his brother and sisters. 

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Tzaren's Blue Babette

Perhaps Babette was the most beautiful of Tassi's and Djingiz' kittens? Anyway she is one of the most beautiful Russian Blue females we have ever seen. Among other things the colour of her eyes was very, very green; unfortunately the photo doesn't really show this, but it shows her perfect ear set. 

Also Babette stayed with the Sorensen family, but with Leila. 
Of course she was at many shows and with lots of success. She got many BIV and nominations. She got the title International Champion and was only 2 certificates short of the Grand title. During her show career she lost one certificate only. After all Babette didn't like the shows that much, otherwise her results had probably been even better. 

Babette had a litter with 1 male and 1 female. She was a nervous and more than caring mother, and because of this she got only one litter.  

Tzaren's Blue Babette

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Tzaren's Blue Bitsjkova

Tzaren's Blue Bitsjkova's photo taken by a photographer at the time when she had her first kittens.

Tzaren's Blue Bitsjkova

The story of the little Bitsjkova is very different from her brothers and sisters. Leila's brother Henrik and the Danish Russian Blue breeder Anne Nielsen went to a show in Sct. Petersburg, and they had the 3 months old kitten with them. Anne had an agreement with a Russian who wanted a Russian Blue kitten, but for some reason it came to nothing. 

At the show they met Vladimir Sidorov, who was breeding Turkish Angoras with his cattery name White Magic. He would like to barter an Angora kitten with Bitsjkova, and so it was. The little Bitsjkova was called Murka in her new home, and she became the mother of White Magic Russian Blue kittens, rather unusual when it comes to Russian Blues. 

For some years we exchanged news with Vladimir Sidorov.  At that moment we were not connected to the Internet, and the ordinary mail was both slow and unstable, and our contact dropped out. Still when we happen to see pedigrees of Russian Russian Blues we often find Murka or some of her descendants in the pedigree.  
We find it very amusing that the little kitten named after our first ancestress herself became the ancestress of a new line in the original country of the breed.

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Regnbuen's Minnie

Minnie was born in Bourtai's first Russian Blue litter in 1992. Her father was var Matrjoschka's Magnum. She was a very pretty little kitten, and she grew to be very beautiful. She has a wonderful head with a very short wedge and intensely green eyes. 

Minnie was sold to Birthe Sorensen (not a relative of Leila) who had a cat which was half Russian. In fact this cat called Mille is also  one of Bitsjka's descendants being the daughter of one of Affro's daughters and a white Persian. She looks quite a lot like a Russian, but is a bit more chubby.  

Minnie has the traditional Russian Blue temperament, and she doesn't like guests very much. Birthe hadn't the heart to show her. but she had kittens more than once and was the ancestress of Birthe's "Af Den Blaa Mus"-breeding. 

stamminnie.JPG (62792 bytes)

Minnie has visitors and has taken refugee under the case. 
Not so peculiar concerning the guests' persistence to get a glimpse of her. 
Photo: John Prip Hansen

We never managed to take a very good photo of Minnie.

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Tzaren's Blue Ginger Rogers

Ginger's mother is Affro, and her father is Elias, and this way she is a descendant of Bitsjka on both sides. She was born in 1993. 

Together with Tzaren's Hannibal she was sold to Laila and Freddy Rathcke where she had 2 Rathcke-litters - none of them sires by Hannibal. When Laila and Freddy had a divorce the cats stayed with Laila, but after a fem months Laila developed very strong allergic reactions to the cats, and she had to find a new home for them. Fortunately Ginger and Hannibal could stay together also in their new home.
Ginger is a very well-proportioned cat with an excellent type of the body. We find her head a little too narrow, but her ear setting is perfect. Her tail is a little kinked, and because of this she was shown only a fem times. We don't think the kink is genetic, because none of her descendants have a kinky tail. 

Tzaren's Blue Ginger Rogers

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