News in 2003

January 21st 2003 The site has moved because we needed more room. We hope it is ok now, so there will be new photos of the kittens soon.

The kittens are 10 weeks of age now, and they are wild and lively and sweet, exactly as kittens should be.

Especially Uzuri is a great fan of Djingiz. Djingiz is his tutor, and he also teaches him bad habits such as stealing food from the other cats.

January - april 2003

The kitten's diary

The kittens's gallery

Ujiji Chimay og Uzuri

Most of our daily life was about Sarantoya's kittens Ujiji Chimay and Uzuri until they moved to their new owners. Ujiji Chimay left us in February, and Uzuri stayed with us to April.

The kittens were pretty different both when it came to their temper and when it came to their looks. Fortunately they both seemed to be socially minded like Sarantoya and Lilit. 
Ujiji Chimay was a very feminine little kitten. She was fine and graceful like her mother, and even though she at times was very cheeky as kittens are she was also soft and gentle.
To the contrary Uzuri had exactly the same level of activity as his wild mother. He isn't the most beautiful kitten we have bred, and in fact we don't think he takes after neither his mother nor his father. He is long with long legs, and his head is a bit too narrow. His eye-colour wasn't as promising as Ujiji Chimay's, not even when we handed him over to his new home. But his was extremely affectionate, and it was pretty hard to say goodbye to him.

All our cats were very fond of the kittens. Lilit thought that she was their mother as well as Sarantoya, and the two females both took part in nursing and educating the kittens. Djingiz and Uzuri were the best friends, perhaps because they were the only males in our house. Djingiz was a great example for Uzuri, and Djingiz even taught Uzuri bad habits such as stealing the other cats' food. Even Ofelia was kindly interested in the kittens though she didn't play with them.

It was two small model kittens we had. They learned all they had to learn, and they were very healthy. We had no health problems whatsoever.

February 4th 2003

Yesterday our vet checked the kittens, and they had their first inoculations. The vet found both kittens fine and healthy - and very sweet!

Djingiz also visited the vet, but only because we wanted to know if he had lost some weight. Fortunately he had, his diet helps quite a lot, but he still needs to loose more.

We hope we'll find some time soon to publish more photos of the kittens. We are too busy at the moment and prefer to spend our spare time with the cats, not with the computer. 

Februar 26th 2003

Ofelia - 15½  years old

Ofelia only 10 days before she died.

We have had to say the last goodbye to Ofelia. She had become very skinny, and for some days she didn't eat very much. After a night where she felt extremely bad we took the decision: Now it had to be. 

She was put to sleep at the vet where she was used to come. It was very quiet and peaceful. We took her home, so the other cats could also say goodbye to her. They all sniffed at her, and we believe they knew what had happened as they didn't search for her. 

Now she is buried in the graveyard for animals where also her mother and daughter and several other cats we have known are buried.

She was a very good and lovely cat, the first one to live her whole life with us. We have shared 15 years, 7 months and 20 days with her, and of course there is a gap left by her. 

Ujiji Chimay has moved to her new home. It was very clear that she knew Camilla and Martin already, and she quickly both played and came to her new owners to be cuddled. When we left she was lying asleep in Martin's arms.
Uzuri misses to play with her, but on the whole he has taken the separation very fine. Sarantoya is content that Chimay has moved. She thinks she has finished the education of the kittens.

March 8th 2003


Lilit and Sarantoya have been to their annual health check and inoculations. Fortunately the vet had nothing to notice. Uzuri also came along to get his second inoculation. 

We have noticed ourselves that Lilit has become rather round. We could not prevent her from eating the kitten's food when they were younger and this together with the fact that she was neutered did the trick. It is too much, and she has been on a diet for some weeks now, but we can't see any result yet. We hope we can before too long, because we are taking her to a show in the end of March.

Uzuri still is very, very cheeky. Both the other cats and we humans are trying to teach him good manners. With the same negative result as Lilit's diet!

March 25th 2003

Lilit, Sarantoya and Uzuri were shown on Saturday. Sarantoya got her first CACIB, and Uzuri got EX.2 after one of his half-brothers. Also Chimay was shown, and she too was 2nd after one of her half-sisters. 

Lilit was most succesful. She got her first CAP and was even nominated for Best in Show. She didn't win, but anyway we were quite pleased with her. 

Uzuri behaved very well and looked very cute in the show-pen, but until now none of the audience have wanted to buy him.

April 25th 2003

Uzuri Hesseldal

Uzuri in the morning 
the day when he moved to his new home in the evening

Also Uzuri has now moved to a new home. Quite a few people have shown interest in him, but until now we haven't been completely sure that it was the right place for him. We are now - he couldn't be better off anywhere else.

It was a great pleasure to leave such an affectionate, sweet and lively kitten as Uzuri to his new owner. As usual the adult cats don't care - even Djingiz who has been so much together with Uzuri, and Sarantoya seems to be quite content - but we humans miss the little, cheerful creature. After all we have been together with him for more than 5 months. 

Almost a week ago we took Lilit and Sarantoya to another show, and both got certificates. Now Sarantoya needs a foreign certificate before we can show her in Denmark again. 

May 3rd 2003

Ujiji Chimay Hesseldal

The kittens' gallery is almost finished - rather belated.

Now you can see lots of photos of the kittens from the age of 8 weeks - you can see a sample to the left - to the age of 15 weeks when Ujiji Chimay moved to her new home.

Still some photos from Uzuri's last months with us are missing before the gallery is complete.


May 15th 2003

Sarantoya really enjoys that she again is the youngest in the house. She plays tag with Lilit, and she plays with her beloved "fishing rods" and one of us in the other end. She is also able to play alone. 

In a few days she is going to the vet to have her inoculation against rabies checked. If it is ok we might show her in Sweden or Norway. Djingiz is going to have a general health check. After all he isn't quite young any more. 

May 30th 2003

Marron og Chimay

Photo: Camilla Evendorf and Martin Nørby

One and a half week ago we visited Chimay and her family including Chimay's new playmate.
It is a brown burmese male, a little younger than Chimay. He is called Marron which is French and means chestnut.
Marron moved in in the beginning af May. After a day or so Chimay accepted Marron in the house, and as you can see they are now the best of friends.

We got a cd with lots of photos, and there might be more photos in the kitten's gallery before too long.

Djingiz doesn't suffer from hyperthyreodism as we suspected. Anyway his figures are normal but in the high end which they have probably not been before. It was too early to check Sarantoya's rabies inoculation, and it can't be done before the show in Norway we had planned to go to. We must make new plans.

June 1st 2003

Zuri tries to find the feather stick

Zuri tries to open the drawer where the feather stick is hidden.
Photo: Yrsa Andersen

Yesterday we got a letter - and photos - from Yrsa and Uzuri. They have been together for 5 weeks now, and Yrsa writes that they are getting used to the daily life together.

For some reasons it has been more difficult for Uzuri to move to a new home than it was for Chimay. Partly he was older, and partly there is only one person to play with in his new home. 

We also think it means quite a lot that Chimay knew her new people before she moved; they had visited her quite a few times while she was with us, and she didn't feel she moved in with complete strangers. Uzuri was almost 5 months old and old enough to move at once after Yrsa took the decision to buy him. 

Now Zuri, as he is called now, has fully accepted Yrsa as his mate - and he better has! We are convinced he gets all the affection he needs. 

June 17th 2003

Today it is Djingiz' 14 years anniversary. We have given him the birthsday menu we used to make when it was Ofelia's anniversary: meatballs and green beans. He seemed to be very pleased with his little meatball instead of his usual dried food. 

July 17th 2003

We have got the result of Sarantoya's test of her inoculation against rabies. It was ok, and now she is ready to be shown in Sweden and Norway. We anyway haven't made any plans yet.

August 9th 2003

We have been to see Zuri and Yrsa. Zuri develops fine, he has grown quite a lot, and the first thing we noticed was that he still has a very, very harmonious type. His head has grown broader which suits him, but his eye-colour is not too good at the moment.
Unfortunately we had forgotten to bring a workable camera! 

Our own cats are influenced by the summerheat. They use to sleep quite a lot, but now they sleep extremely much.

August 14th 2003

Rathcke's Chlopiec Elf

Elvis is posing. 
A good-looking guy, 
isn't he?

We have been to see Sarantoya's sister Salsa, their father Elvis and the people they live with.

We had some very nice hours, and both Elvis and Salsa came to say hello. Elvis was with us most of the time, but Salsa too was present. She and Sarantoya are very much alike. They are of the same size and have the same type of the body, they have the same lovely eyes, the same expression and the same coat-quality. However Salsa is a bit lighter than Sarantoya.

Elvis is just the same as ever. Even though he has been neutered he still is a fine figure of a cat. We are very content that he became the father of a Hesseldal-litter.

We had remembered our cameras and got several good photos of Elvis and one pretty good of Salsa. She use to come and greet the guests, but we were not allowed to get too close. Maybe she was afraid that we should take her with us, and it sure was tempting to steal such a smashing little cat, but no doubt she is the queen of the house, and she does not at all want to go anywhere else.

August 25th 2003

Djingiz Hesseldal

Djingiz in the holiday flat, but on his own blanket from home

We and the cats have been on a short holiday in Northern Germany where we had rented a holiday flat. The flat was good and big, and the cats liked to be there. Especially Djingiz quickly felt at home. Maybe he liked to experience new surroundings.

Sarantoya was more at work than on holiday, she was shown two days in Schwerin. It went very well, the first day she got a CACIB and became International Champion, and the second day she got her first CAGCIB and was even BIV and nominated for best in show. One of the arguments for letting Sarantoya win was her beautiful eye-colour. 
Now we can show her in Denmark again - also at the World Show in Copenhagen in November.

October 20th 2003

Not much has happened here recently. However, Lilit has some times some itching, and our vet took made some blood tests to find out if she is allergic to something. Unfortunately we didn't get a result, but it doesn't mean that she isn't allergic. 

At the moment the itching is not so bad, but we are anyway trying a low allergen diet for her, but she doesn't like it very much, and we might have to stop this again.

November 8th 2003

Zarin Lilit

Lilit in the cottage

We are back home after a week in a holiday cottage not too far from Copenhagen where the FIFe World Show took place a week ago. It has been some very nice days, and we have seen many of our friends - in the summer cottage where we at one time were 6 people and 6 cats, at the show and on visits to friends.

As always all our cats were with us, and as always they enjoyed it, but most when we were alone in the cottage. 

Sarantoya was also shown at the World Show. It was a very big show with 1400 cats, among these 16 Russian Blues from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Austria and Spain. Sarantoya got her 2nd CAGCIB, and she was one of the 4 cats the judge considered for BIV. It was her cousin Limelight's Kia who was BIV, so it stayed in the family.

December 3rd 2003

Zarin Lilit

We have taken some new and quite good photos of Lilit. For the time being you can see two of them in the gallery, and perhaps there will be more later.

She still eats a low allergen diet, but she doesn't like it very much. We always must be very careful that she doesn't steal Sarantoya's food which will spoil it all. When we were in the holiday cottage we didn't succeed to prevent her from eating the food she used to get, and then we had to start all over with the new food when we returned to our own house.
We are not sure if the low allergen diet helps her, but she has to eat it for a longer period. Then we might observe a clear difference when she returns to her normal diet - if it is the food she is allergic to.

December 15th 2003

December 11th we celebrated Lilit's 6th birthday. We can't believe that our little girl now can be shown as a veteran on Danish shows. 

Djingiz has been to his annual health check. He once again weights a little too much. It must be because he doesn't take much exercise, because he doesn't eat very much. We must try to make him exercise more. 

December 26th 2003

Sarantoya Hesseldal

We celebrated Sarantoya's birthday as well as Christmas on the 24th. Though she is now 3 years of age she still behaves like a big kitten. She is very playful, and we just love her.

The photo isn't taken on her birthday, but it is from 2003 - and this page lacked a photo of Sarantoya.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all guests on our site!

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