News in 2006

January 27th 2006

Sadly we have neglected this site for some time. The time has passed much too quickly!

In december we celebrated the birthdays of both cats.. Lilit was 8 years old December 11th, and Sarantoya reached 5 years December 24th. We think she still looks like a big kitten, but now we can see that Lilit is getting older. She has got some white whiskers, and her muzzle is whitening a little, too. 

Poor Lilit suffered from cystitis in the Christmas days. She has had cystitis once before, and her symptoms were very significant. We had no doubt what was the matter with her. Like the first time she had to have two doses of antibiotic before she was well again, but now she is absolutely ok and going strong. 

A few weeks ago we visited Yrsa, Zuri and Addis. Zuri is the same as ever, and in fact this goes for Addis as well. He was neutered last autumn, but he is still an extremely slender cat.  Unfortunately it was too dark to take photos.

February 4th 2006

Lilit is (together with two others) the second best female neuter 2005 in our club Jydsk Racekatte Klub. Guess if we are proud of her...

February 23rd 2006

February 2006

The convalescent

For some time we had planned to have Sarantoya neutered, and two days ago it happened. There were no complications, and after some time where she was very slack and affected by the general anaesthetic she is now well again.

Lilit was so funny the day it happened. She was quite upset when Sarantoya was put into her carrier and grumbled about it. When we returned form the vet - without Sarantoya - she was even more shocked. She complained bitterly, and she didn't want her food - of course she had to make common cause with her daughter when we got up so she had not had her breakfast - and when it didn't help she went to bed under the blanket in Kirsten's room.  

When we brought Sarantoya home in the afternoon she was not quite sure it was the same good Sarantoya, and we must admit she smelled quite a lot of the veterinary hospital. Fortunately it did not take so long before she recognized Sarantoya as her own again. 

27. marts 2006

A playful little Bitsjka

Today it is precisely 20 years since our first cat - and our first Russian Blue - our beloved little Bitsjka with the great personality moved in with us. She was 12 weeks old when she came to us, but surely she was not old enough to leave her mother and siblings. For quite a few days she was very unhappy, and she went on searching and calling for her sisters and brothers. 

We tried to comfort her as well as we could, and already the first night she slept in Kirsten's bed. After that she spent every night there for the rest of her life.

As the days passed she forgot the cats and people she had known in her first home, and then she started educating us! We never became the same again.

We have published Bitsjka's Gallery to mark the day, but still only in the Danish section. It will be opened in the English section very soon.

April 3rd 2006

We and Lilit were at a show yesterday where Lilit was rewarded because she was the second best neuter of the club. It turned out that the presentation of the top cats had taken place on Saturday (where we had to go to work), but after all Lilit got her prices.

She still has not lost much weight, and her show condition is not too good, but she did get the certificate, even though the judge didn't like her very much. We didn'r like the judge very much. Not so much because she didn't like Lilit, but because it seemed that all she valued was the colour of the coat and the profile. She had no eye at all for the whole look of the cats. 

Sarantoya had to stay at home, her coat at the stomach is still too short, and with this judge it might have been her luck...

May 12th 2006

Sarantoya's coat on the stomach is fine again, but now she has bald spots on the inner side of her thighs. We don't think she has been either licking or scratching herself more than she use to do, but anyhow we have started feeding her an allergy-diet. She has been extremely hungry since she was neutered, so her hormonal system is probably still disturbed.

Lilit is also hungry, but hungry for cucumbers! It is her way to get water, and in fact she eats about 3/4 of a cucumber a day. We are beginning to believe that she will never be as slim as she used to be. She doesn't get too much food, she doesn't get goodies, and the cucumbers can't be fattening - but she doesn't loose weight. Maybe she has had her best show results. On the other hand her vet is quite pleased with her weight. It is good for a cat that is not quite young anymore to have a little more weight, she says.

By the way Lilit was in 2005 once again the second best neuter also in the Swedish Russian Blue club. And again after her half sister Zarin Vega. 

July 25th 2006

This summer has been the warmest for years. The cats are very sensible about it - they are sleeping most of the time.
However something that probably also had to do with the heat happened a few days ago. We were going to prepare Lilit for a show, and as usual we made her coat moist with a towel wringed up in hot water. She use to accept this treatment without much fuzz, but she does try to walk away. This time it was different. She was standing as quiet as a mouse on the table, and we were sure she was enjoying it. It will not be the only time to give her a bath in hot weather. Afterwards we have heard that others have had similar experiences.

The show went much better than we had expected: Lilit was both best shorthair neuter and best veteran. It was too early when we suspected that her show career was coming to an end a couple of months ago. In fact this judge commended her for not being skinny as many older cats are. It was also a good thing that the judgement took place almost in daylight, the judge was really able to see her beautiful eyes. On the judgement he wrote : "Two emeralds!!!" 

August 27th 2006

Two cats relaxing together after a long day at the show

After the show it was time to relax thought Sarantoya (to the left) and Lilit.
Dorthe placed Lilit's little nomination price in front of the cats, but they showed no interest whatsoever!

The cats and we have been on holiday in Varberg in Sweden. This time we had rented a holiday flat where the cats almost immediately felt at home. In fact we were not quite sure that they wanted to go home with us again.

We humans did not spend as much time in the flat as the cats, because naturally we had to explore Varberg and environs. Varberg is a very charming little town and very lively, too - at least in the summertime. 
Anyway we didn't know that before we came to the town, and the reason for choosing Varberg as our holiday place this year was of course a cat show held in the weekend.

Both cats were shown both days, Sarantoya mostly to accompany Lilit as she is still not in a good show condition. Her coat is still not fully grown on the inner side of her hind legs, and besides she needs to loose kg of weight. None of the judges made remarks about the first, but both of them noticed that she should loose weight. By the way she has also forgotten to stand quietly at the judge's tables. Fortunately she is not in a high class. All together we could bring 4 certificates and a nomination for Best in Show for Lilit the first day at home, and we were very pleased. 

The cats were pleased to get home to the flat again. Especially on Saturday they were absolutely worn out. When they had had a little to eat and drink they fell asleep lying close together, and they slept peacefully most of the evening and night. 

September 10th 2006


We had hoped to visit some of the kittens we have sold during our summerholidays, but we managed to visit only one of them, Chimay.

She and her best friend, the Burmese Marron, are very, very well. Chimay has put on a little weight, and she is in excellent form.  

We were amazed how much she looks like her mother, Sarantoya. Well, of course (unfortunately!) Sarantoya is heavier, and Chimay has lighter colours both when it comes to the coat colour and the eye colour. 
But the look is exactly the same, and Chimay has also got cheeks like her mother. The likeness is also clearly seen in our photos, also in the sample to the left. More photos are in the gallery of Chimay and her litter brother Uzuri.

September 30th 2006

Ofelia - or maybe it is Aquamarine?

Ofelia as Aquamarine

It is interesting to see the statistics of our site. One of the things you can see is which other sites that refer to our site. 

It often happens because some of our photos are stolen and used at other sites. Many girls make their own sites where they sell cats (and other pets) - virtually of course - and they need photos to describe the cats they sell. Especially Lilit is a popular item for sale, the pictures are taken form the Baby Lilit Gallery. We are a bit annoyed that she is too cheap, but the buyers commit themselves to take care of her with food and litter which they can "buy" on the site as well. If not the deal is called off!

We have recently found out that Ofelia takes part in a role play. She is a member of a clan called DarkClan, her name is Aquamarine, she is a warrior, and she is 15 months old. In fact she is 13 months at the photo. Her father is called Ragnarokstar, and he is the leader of the clan. And her best friend is Moonbeam. We find this particularly funny, because Sarantoya means moonbeam. 
Take a look at Ofelia as Aquamarine.

November 2nd 2006

A few months ago Lilit was X-rayed. It was because of cystitis that returned quite often. The X-ray showed that she probably had no cystitis at all, instead she has spondylitis in the spine. It is difficult to explain what it is, but we could clearly on the X-ray see minor alterations in her spine. 

For the time being she is not going to have any treatment, and anyway all you can do is relieving the pain that the spondylitis causes. It isn't quite true because she gets something called ArthroCare. It is also given to animals that suffer from rheumatism. It is powdered, and it is impossible to hide it in her food - as a matter of facts it does not smell good either. So Kirsten has to act as a chemist. The powder is mix with a little bit of margarine, is shaped as pills and put in the deep freezer. Every day a frozen pill is taken from the freezer, is thawed just a little bit, and Lilit can swallow it. She is very good at taking pills!

Apart from the suspected cystitis we hadn't noticed any problems with Lilit. However we think we can see a very small difference in her behaviour after she has had the pills some months. She might be playing a little more and a little more wildly, and now she is some times galloping down the stairs. As far as we remember she was trotting before.

November 27th 2006

Lilit is now an European Premier! She got the last certificate at a show yesterday. She also got two large rosettes as well as very kind words from the judge - especially because of her wonderful eyes. Isn't it fantastic that years ago when we made a reservation for Lilit, one of the qualities we wanted was - a fine eye-colour! And that she has this exceptionel colour also now when she is almost 9 years old!

Now we are not going to show for some time. We might show Lilit occasionally, but we do hope that Sarantoya will come back to show condition. We didn't plan to stop her show career now. Dorthe says she has decided to become a sphinx cat. She once heard a judge at a show saying that sphinxs are allowed to have round bellies. We are not quite pleased with Sarantoya's round belly, and now she is trying to get herself as bald as a sphinx to convince us that her extra weight is ok.

We have found out that you can buy ArthroCare also as pills, so now our home chemistry has stopped.

December 11th 2006


Today it is Lilit's 9 years birthday. We don't think she looks like a 9 year old cat, to the contrary she looks like a very young cat. She is in a very fine condition at the moment.

She had raw herring for supper. She has become very fond of herrings, bur she gets it no more than once a week. The day after she has had herring she doesn't eat her normal food so willingly. If you are choosy enough then you might get some of those delicious fish again she seems to think. 

December 24th 2006


Three cheers for Sarantoya who reaches 6 years today!
We remember very well when she was born at 6.05 p.m. 6 years ago. She was the prettiest little Christmas present. Her litter-sister Salsa had done the hard work, and Sarantoya popped out very easily, all wrapped up in the amnion.

We must admit that we enjoy she is such a clever little cat - even if she some times seems to think that we are not clever at all and can't understand what she is telling us. It happens that we can't figure out why she is complaining. She has just been eating, and she doesn't bother to play.  
Then we remember that we haven't seen Lilit for some time. Could it be that she has been shut in somewhere? Yes, she is, and that is what Sarantoya is trying to attract  our attention to. As soon as we have opened the door for Lilit (who has not herself been the slightest unhappy about being shut in) Sarantoya is content again.
Perhaps we should mention that we are learning. 

Merry X-mas everybody. Our X-mas card can be seen in Sarantoya's Gallery

Those were the news in 2004....and in 2005