News in 2007

February 9th 2007


For quite some time not much has happened when it comes to the cats. 
We will not be showing them very much in 2007. Lilit has retired and we will show her at very special occasions only. We should like to show Sarantoya, but though her coat on her stomach and legs is better now it is still not good enough for showing. 

It has been a dark and rainy winter - not good for taking photos. However, a few days ago we had some sunny hours while we were at home, and we managed to take some photos that will soon be in the galleries. 

March 18th 2007

The girls have been to their annual check and inoculations at the vet. Fortunately everything was ok. 

The vet even agreed with Sarantoya that she is not too fat. She said we are too severe when we say so - and Sarantoya is of the same opinion. Anyway we insist that she should loose at least about 200 g, and preferably at the stomach. 

March 28th 2007

Lilit has been 9 years with us now

Today it is 9 years since Lilit came from Finland to move in with us. It was probably not a day sje enjoyed, but something good happened after all, because she met Djingiz, her great hero, and they became friends at once.

When she arrived she brought a yellow pipecleaner-toy with her like the one on the photo. It had been her favourite toy in Finland. Perhaps it is not the original one at the picture, we have made several new ones for her during the years. Always yellow! And she still plays with them.

Lilit has been extremely playful for some weeks. Maybe it is because of the spring. She also enjoys to sit in the sun and fill up her depot of vitamin D.

She will also enjoy life in a moment, because then she is going to have a little bit of cake whch she loves. It is a (bad) habit she has had all her life. Usually she doesn't get cake, but she sometimes manage to steal some, but today is different! 

April 18th 2007

Since the cats were inoculated late February it has been a struggle to make them eat their usual diet. At first we thought they might be a little affected by the inoculations, but we had also opened a new bag of food at almost the same time, and maybe it had a slightly different taste. Anyhow it did not stop.

Now we have bought a diet from a different brand, and that is yummy! Especially Lilit is absolutely mad about it, and yesterday she ate so quickly that she at once brought all of it up again. We will try to give her small servings.

Lilit has also stopped eating cucumber - but now she drinks water. Perhaps the cucumbers are not so tasty at this season???

May 31st 2007

Lilit's cup

Once again Lilit was the second best neuter in The Swedish Russian Blue Club - in 2006 that is. We have known for some time, but a few days ago we received her cup. 

By the way she is in excellent condition at the moment and as pretty as ever. Her allergy has declined very much - maybe it has even stopped, but she is still fed the allergy diet. Recently we have got new information that indicates that the allergy is both hereditary as well as caused by a hormone imbalance. Not really a food allergy though feeding the allergy diet has helped.

To the contrary Sarantoya suffers badly from the allergy right now. She has large bald spots on her belly, on the inner side of the legs and a few in other places as well. It is absolutely out of the question to show her for some time. Her allergy might be worse than Lilit's was (or maybe we don't remember how bad it was), But if it follows the same pattern we can start thinking about shows in a year or maybe a little more.

The two cats are really enjoying the company of each other now, and it has been this way for some time. They spend almost every minute together, and we humans are almost superfluous.

June 23rd 2007

The cats have been with us on a weekend trip. We stayed bed & breakfast, but the cats very not quite pleased with the accomodation, because somebody was walking around on the floor above ours. Evidently they are not used to this. 
It might also have been because they suspected they had to be carried away for a show, even if is a very long time since their last shows. Saturday morning they disappered completely, and they didn't even care about breakfast!

It was an extraordinary rainy weekend, and for once the camera stayed in its bag. 

June 30th 2007

Bitsjkova af Graenselandet and Ofelia Hesseldal

The one year old Ofelia still enjoys being nursed by her mother

Today is a kind of anniversary for us: It is 20 years since our first litter was born.

We both had to go to work, but took turns to be with the mother-to-be, little Bitsjka who was very, very thick. Dorthe was at home in the morning and the first hours of the afternoon, but we think Bitsjka postponed the delivery until Kirsten returned from work shortly after noon. She went to labour immidiately after she had seen Kirsten inside the door. We both were present when the two first kittens were born, then Dorthe had to leave, but the phones were very busy until all five kittens were born.

One of the kittens was Ofelia who stayed with us all her life. We know that she was either the second or the third kitten, and we decided that she must have been no 2, so also Dorthe witnessed her birth. 

We have no photos from the event, but we have a photo of mum and daughter together.

August 9th 2007

It's too hot...

A new chapter of Lilit's unusual food habits: She drinks buttermilk. It started when she lapped some up from Kirsten's glas of buttermilk. We then gave her some in her own little bowl, and now she wants buttermilk almost every time she eats. If we are forgetting it or are too slow she looks at us in a very significant way: Something is missing!!!

Summer has finally arrived. The cats think it is too much. They are active in the morning, are sleeping the days away, and when it gets more cool in the evenings they cheer up. 
On the photo to the left it is a very lazy Sarantoya.

November 15th 2007

Zuri with his catch

Sarantoya's two kittens Ujiji - called Chimay - and Uzuri - called Zuri - celebrated their 5 years birthday  November 10th and 11th.

Chimay has moved again, but to a new house only and fortunately with her people and the Burmese Marron. We got a mail, and they are very fine in the new place, and of course they should be being together with both each other and with their humans. Together with the mail we also got a photo that can be seen here

We were invited to celebrate Zuri's birthday with him, Yrsa and Addis. Both Zuri and Addis honoured us with their company, and of course we also took some photos.
Addis is - to the contrary of Zuri - photogenic. It is not easy to take good photos of Zuri. He is so gorgeous when he moves, and you can see his beautipul body and all the muscles under his coat, and in fact you should take films instead of photos. But we took only still pictures, and we will add some of them to Zuri's Gallery before too long.

Until then you can see a sample to the left. Zuri has caught a "fishing rod" decorated with a flag to mark the anniversary. 

December 11th 2007

Lilit 10 years old

Today it is Lilit's 10th birthday - three cheers for her!!!
In fact we don't know at which time of the day she was born. We must ask her breeder Sari about that.

Some of Lilit's friends are invited to celebrate the day with her and us. We are not quite sure that Lilit herself wants to be present, but after all it is her friends, too, so she ought to. We are going to have an apple pie for dessert - with creme fraiche which Lilit thinks is very delicate. By the way she might also be interested in the apple pie. She likes cakes - if we let her (we might let her today). 

Of course we have also taken some photos of her on her 10 years anniversary day. One of them is seen to the left where she is comfortable lying on Kirsten's shoulder. She likes to lie there and often does it when Kirsten is working at the computer - with one hand only in these situations. 

December 24th 2007

Today it is Sarantoya we are celebrating. It is her 7 years birthday.

It is more difficult to take photos of Sarantoya than of Lilit. You can take Lilit in your arms and place her and yourself where the light is the best. Sarantoya does NOT want to be held in your arms! And unfortunately it is a rather dark day, so we had to use the flash, and our flash photos are not as good as those without flash. 
Maybe we get one of the photos on the site today - maybe not. 

A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all the visitors of our site. Our Christmas card can be seen HERE - it is 10 years old Lilit at the photo.

Those were the news in 2005...and in 2006