May 3rd 2008: More new photos in Lilit's Gallery
April 15th 2008: New photos in Lilit's Gallery
March 9th 2008: Photos from our visits to Yrsa and her cats in 2007
February 24th 2008: One more cat in the 6th generation after Bitsjka

December 31st 2008

This diary has been sadly neclected this year. We haven't lost interest in our cats and other cats we know, but we have lost interest in everything else regarding cats - such as the breed and marketing issues including this site.

In the last half of 2008 both good and not so good things have happened. The worst is that Lilit has had severe problems with the urinary system. She has lots of struvite stones in the urine, and at a time she even had blood in the urine, too. Now she gets a diet to solve the problems, but it hasn't disappered completely.

Lilit's health problems might have been a contributory factor in the disagreements we have seen between our cats. They have been on bad terms before, but not for very long, but this time it has taken very long, and we are afraid they will never be frieds again. We'll see how things work out in the new year.

On the good side is that Sarantoya's allergy finally decreases, and she hardly has any bald spots now. We know it might return, but we hold our thumbs that the good development will continue.

Happy New Year to everybody!

June 5th 2008

Chimay in May 2008

Now we have also been to see Sarantoya's daughter, Chimay. Just like Zoogin she has moved since our last visit, but she still lives together with the Burmese Marron and of course their owners.

She and Marron have also got a room of their own! It is extremely spoilt cats we have bred. 

It is easy to see that Chimay is a daughter of Sarantoya; that is when Sarantoya was a young and slim cat, Chimay is very slim. But her temper is very different from the noisy and rather demanding behaviour of Sarantoya. Chimay is exactly as sweet and gentle as she looks though she is able to object when Marron does something that doesn't please her, but the two cats are very good friends, and they often sleep lying close together. 

Chimay and her brother Uzuri does not at all look like each other, but they both take after Sarantoya - in different ways. Chimay in the exterior, Uzuri has some of Sarantoya's behaviour, but does not at all look like her. This way the two siblings are very different - funny!

April 15th 2008

Zoogin at the terrace

Saturday we went to visit Zoogin - Lilit's son - and his owners. It is a very long time since we last made a visit to them, and Zoogin is now 8 years old, but fortunately he looks exactly the same: Long, tall legs, slim and very beautiful. He and his owners have moved to a new house on Zealand, close to the coast.

He simply couldn't be better. He is much loved and spoilt. He has his own room - but he can go everywhere in the house and garden which he - as you can see on the photo - enjoys very much. He has always been a freat fowler. Amongst his catches are both a dove and a parrot (that he didn't eat or kill, but it might have been because it was removed from him), and of course he also catches mice. He also eats wet cat food, but never dried. This was the only issue where his people wasn't quite pleased with him.

Zoogin has always been a very friendly and openminded cat, and he still is. We very very impressed that his neighbour who is taking care of him when his owners are not at home has cleaned his teeth. Just because he thought they needed to be cleaned. Amazing, isn't it?

March 28th 2008

The cats on the dining table

At Easter the cats were with us a week in Gothenburg in Sweden. A few days before they had been to the vet to have the mandatory deworming pill. 

We had rented a small, but very good, flat in the center of the city, and as always the cats quickly got used to it. Of course they found the eating place at once. But the scoop was that there was a kind of bunk beds with a good ladder to the upper one. What became the cats' favourite place? Obviously the upper bed! - and often with a view all over the rooms. WE got a few good photos of this. They will appear in the cats' galleries before too long, but for now only a photo of both cats at the dining table.

February 24th 2008

The cats have had their annuar health check after a whole year without any visits to the vet.
We thought that Lilit had to have a more thorough examination. Both because she is now 10 years old, and because she drinks a lot of water which she doesn't usually do. However we didn't worry that much, because it started at the same time she stopped eating cucumber - and also because she looks both happy and healthy. But better safe than sorry, and a blood test was made. 

To our great joys all figures were very fine: Lilit is a very healthy 10 years old cat - and Sarantoya is a very healthy 7 years old cat apart from the allergy. Both cats were praised for their fine teeth, but this year the vet admitted that Sarantoya is too heavy. We must try to make her exersize more. 

January 26th 2008

Our regular readers will know that Sarantoya is both smart and fond of food. For some time we have made use of this when she is having her meals. 
We simply throw her dried food all around in the living room and kitchen - one after the other. Sarantoya runs after them and is much amused, and at the same time she is having some exersize. It is easy to see when she is getting tired, because then she walks and doesn't run. She gets the rest of her food in a feeding ball, and she spends a long time rolling it around to empty it. 
She is very happy about this, and if we are in a hurry and give her the food in a bowl instead she strikes a very talkative attitude: Are we not going to play?

She needs the exersize, because she hasn't lost weight - far from it! She is somehow excused. Because of her problem with allergy she some times get some drugs that stop her licking, but has the annoying side effect that it increases her appetite. 

All together this means that she is not in show condition, and she might never be again. However the judges' opinion when it comes to Russian Blues have changed quite a lot, and even if Sarantoya was in show condition she probably wouldn't have much success any longer. Besides we have got a bit fed up with shows ourselves. We think they a neither as friendly nor as exciting as before. In 2007 we didn't go to one single show neither with not without cats, and in fact we didn't miss it much. To the contrary we enjoyed having more time for other purposes. So don't expect any show results from our cats this year.

Those were the news in 2006...and in 2007